Bramley Bowling Club

Affiliated to Bowls England, Surrey County Bowling Association and West Surrey Bowling Association.

  Bramley Bowling Club


Finals Day Held Sunday 17th September Competiton Results 2017


Runner Up 


Les Terry Trophy

John Black (6)

Andrew Salvador (21) 

 Ladies Championship

Audrey Collyer (17)

Debbie Carpenter (21)

Jack Hyde Shield 

Mick Carpenter (19)

Graham Carpenter (21)


Andy Palmer (17)

Ted Carpenter (21)

Ripley Trophy 

Luke Carpenter (10)

John Black (21)

Gordon Carpenter Bowl

Mick Carpenter (0 Set)

Graham Carpenter (2Sets)

Bob Peck Pairs 

Mick Carpenter

John Black (16)


Andrew Salvador

Ted Carpenter (24)


 Fred Wilcox Pairs

Audrey Collyer
Andrew Salvador + 12
Ken Cose
Kath Gahan +26


Kath Gahan

Colin Palmer

Michele Collyer + 6

Andy Palmer

Debbie Carpenter

John Black + 18

  Jim Green Memorial
   Graham Carpenter (14)

Andrew Salvador (21)

2018 Season sponsored by Pimms Funeral Services